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  • Do you ship both locally and internationally?
    Yes! I certainly do! Shipping costs will depend on the size and weight of the art work. For larger canvas pieces, they will be shipped unstretched and rolled in a tube. I can also arrange express shipping, but please contact me in advance!
  • How is the artwork packaged?
    All canvas pieces will be packaged safely with protective wrapping (such as bubble wrap) if they are shipped strechted. If the size doesn't permit that, I will ship it rolled, unstretched in a tube. Each original artwork will be signed with title and year on the back. Plus a little personal note from me.
  • Does my painting come framed?
    Majority of my pieces will not come framed. If they are, I will make sure to include it in the description (these are usually smaller pieces). If you would like them framed, I'm more than happy to provide you a quote and get them framed for you so that they are ready to hang.
  • How do I look after my artwork?
    Canvas art: I seal all my canvas with either varnish or a UV protective spray. Overtime, your artwork may get a little dusty (especially pieces with a lot of layers and texture), so use a super soft duster (or a small brush) and give it a gentle dusting from top to bottom to ensure the dust falls off. Please don't use any liquid or harsh cleaning products on the painting as it may rub off the protective layer or worse the colours! Paper art: All artwork on yupo or paper are also sealed with a UV protective coat. I suggest framing them under glass or pyrex with a mattboard if possible. Functional art: Coasters, trinket boxes, vases and other functional art are all sealed with a enamel spray for protection so if they get dirty, feel free to give them a rinse or wipe, it should not smudge the artwork. NOTE: never expose a painting to direct sunlight or store a painting in a dark damp place. Both will cause damage over time. Too much sun will bleach out the colours whereas storing a painting in a dark humid place may cause mould damage, darken the painting or warping.
  • Can I commission a custom piece?
    Of course! Some of my favourite pieces have been commissioned art work! Please check the Commissions page to check my availability and to understand the process. If you have any questions feel free to email me at
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